Transfers Specials

Using different coatings, inks, adhesives and papers it is possible to create transfers with special features. Dimension Weld has developed some outstanding products with eye catching effects.

Reflective transfers

The reflective coating make your logo reflects in the dark and improves your visibility and safety. Next to the standard silver color, we can print it in all colors you want. That way we can preserve the appearance and character of your logo.

Glitter Transfers

When you need a glossy glitter effect on your textiles this is the solution. Combined with regular printed colors the possibilities are unlimited.

Gold&Silver Transfers

Foil prints are the solution when the design really needs to shine like a mirror. The printed silver and gold give a luxurious look and have a great washability. They can also be combined with basic colors, so they can fit within your personal design.

Cold Transfers

When heating the adhesive layer is not possible, our pressure sensitive transfers are the solution. Different versions are available, based on the underground layer. When applying the carrier is moistened, so the print transfers on the surface just by pressure. For the tattoos a special adhesive layer is used, so it's safe to use on the skin.

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