Transfers Silkscreen

The choice when you need a durable solution to put your logo on textiles. Different transfer qualities are available to match your purpose.

HQ Transfers

HQ transfers are made using a silkscreen printing technique. Due to the high grade plastisol inks and special adhesive layer they become elastic and are durable. Using different adhesions it's possible to fix them to most fabrics. The opaque character of the inks makes your logo stand out.

AQ transfers

AQ stands for Aqua Quality. The inks used are water based and environmental friendly. The transfers are incredible stretchable and have a soft touch. As no PVC is used you can even iron over the print and no cracks will appear in time. These transfers are available for most garments and are perfectly suited for sportswear.

IQ Transfers

For workwear we have developed our Industrial Quality transfer. The transfers must be applied at high temperature, so they can handle industrial washing and drying. Therefore they are less suitable for delicate fabrics. The coating used is stronger to withstand your working environment.

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