The fine details, bright colors and striking 3D look of our labels are fascinating. Numerous special effects are possible, like metal, mesh, glitter, reflection or glow in the dark. You can choose to stitch the labels onto your fabric or let us do so. Moreover we can supply most labels with a heat responsive backing. This way you can apply the labels by using a simple transfer press without stitching. Even when transferring the labels, the exclusive 3D effect lasts. All Dimension Weld labels are environmental friendly and 100% washable.

Welded labels

Excelling by their texture and high-tech appearance, our welded labels are unique. Materials used in these labels are for example Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) which meets the international standards or Thermoplastic Poly Urethane (TPU) which is even more ecologically sound.

Micro-injected labels

The micro-injected labels stand out because of their extreme fine details. PVC or silicone is processed into exquisite labels, available in almost every color, transparent or opaque. Silicone is a super light environmental friendly material which is resistant against most chemicals, chlorine and seawater. It is dry cleanable and industrial washable. We often inject silicone logos and designs onto soft micro fibers. This combination is especially suitable for fashion or underwear purposes where skin friendliness and a soft appearance are important.

Other labels

Our range in labels is even more extensive. It varies from classic jeans labels to labels made from high-tech foils, from reflective labels for safety purposes to soft flocked vinyl ones for child and sport fashion. All labels are custom made, based on your specifications.

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